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Why Can't I Get Rid Of Mice In My House?

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Published: June, 2023

Getting rid of mice can be extremely difficult. There are many reasons why these pests are so persistent. These range from their ability to breed rapidly, to their small size (which makes them hard to find). If you’re experiencing this problem, then here are some ideas on what to do.

Struggling to get rid of mice? These tips will help

When you’re dealing with this issue, it’s more than likely because something in your house is attracting mice. Basically, there’s a reason why your house in particular is so attractive to mice.

In our experience, it’s usually one of three things.

First, food is attracting them (this is usually the case.) Second, there’s an ample supply of water – don’t forget mice need water to survive. Third, there is abundant and comfortable shelter and nests are a tell tale sign you have mice. Another reason is because your house is “porous.” What we mean by this is mice can easily get into your home.

So how do you solve these problems and get rid of mice if you have spotted the top signs your home has a mouse infestation? To begin with, you need to carry out a major cleaning operation. Deep clean your entire kitchen from top to bottom. You more than likely have food debris, and this attracting the mice. For example, you could have bits of food that have fallen behind appliances. Basically, clean up as much as you can until the place is spotless. Something else you should do is secure your food and make sure it’s stored properly.

More steps to get rid of mice in your house

Next, get rid of all standing water in your garden and around the home. This will draw mice and other pests. When doing, this also take care of any leaking taps and pipes. There should be no water that mice can get at. Finally, clean up any places where house mice may be living.

This should include piles of clutter. Remember, these pests are small, and perfectly able to live in even the smallest piles of clutter. Piles of rubbish also provide mice with excellent material for nests. A good example of this are piles of old newspapers and magazines. These should be immediately thrown out, along with the other rubbish you’ve accumulated. If you wish to keep them, use storage containers that are mouse proof.

Finally, you need to seal up the perimeter of your home. If you’re battling to get rid of mice, it’s probably because there are dozens of entrance points into your home. These could include things like cracks and holes in the walls. Pipes, loose bricks, timbers, and so on. You need to make a thorough inspection of your home and seal up even the smallest entryway. Do all of the above and you should be able to get rid of mice. If not, consider calling pest control who will use several methods of pest control to get rid of the mice for you.

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