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What Can You Do To Deter Foxes From Your Garden?

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Published: May, 2023

Most people do not mind foxes or wish them harm. This is probably the biggest reason why these animals are becoming more and more confident around humans. That being said, foxes can become a massive nuisance. This is particularly true when they come into your garden. If this happens these animals can cause extensive damage, which is why we offer 24 hour pest control. But what can you do to prevent this, and deter foxes from your garden?

Deter foxes with these tips

1. Take care of your bins

The main reason why foxes have such an attration to human settlements is because of food. These pests are famous for ransacking bins. This is why the easiest way to deter foxes is keeping them away from your bins. The best way to do this is simply by keeping bins in your shed or garage. You can also have lids that do not come open, or place s brick on top of bins left outside. This will prevent foxes from knocking them over and getting at what’s inside.

2. Remove food from gardens

You should also remove other food sources from your garden. Fruit and berry bushes could attract foxes. All fruit should be picked as soon as it ripens and should not be left to fall on the ground. Something else you need to do is enclose your vegetable patch, if you have one. This can be done with chicken wire. Also remember to take your pets’ bowls in at night.

3. Install sprinklers and spotlights

Another way to deter foxes is with pest control gadgets – motion detecting sprinklers and spotlights. These animals are extremely skittish. They will run off as soon as the sprinklers or lights come on. Something else you can do is place statues in your garden. Foxes are not that intelligent. They often mistake statues for actual humans and will also run off after seeing them.

4. Fencing

By far the easiest way to deter foxes is by installing a fence around your garden. The trick here is to build your fence below ground. Foxes are extremely good at burrowing and will easily dig beneath any fence. Concrete, sand or cement can be useful in this case. Foxes are also known to occasionally jump or climb over fences. To stop this your fence should be 6 foot high.

5. Use fox repellent

Fox repellent is known to be highly effective and you can purchase these from garden centres. Just be careful of where you spray it. Ideally, it’s best to use this in areas where foxes may enter your garden. Examples of this include along the bottom of fences and around your garbage bins.

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