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Eliminate Flies From The Kitchen

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Published: June, 2023

Can you really eliminate flies from your kitchen? If you’re dealing with an infestation of these pests, then don’t give up hope yet. Believe us, no matter how bad it may seem, you can get rid of flies. To do this, simply implement the following tips.

Top tips to eliminate flies in your kitchen

If you have a fly infestation, it’s usually because they’re breeding in your dustbins. This is the most obviously cause. So, start by emptying your bins and clean them thoroughly. You should also get a dustbin with a lid and place that bin in a cupboard. Another way to eliminate flies from your kitchen is by moving outside bins. If your outside bins are near to the kitchen, then move them somewhere else to help with common health and safety problems.

Going back to the kitchen, another reason why people get flies is because of drains. Over time drains become filled with rotting organic matter. This provides an excellent place for flies to live and breed. You need to clean this filth from your drains. The easiest way to do this is by pouring boiling water down your drains. You can also try drain cleaning fluid. Something else you can do to eliminate flies is clean your appliances. This should include things like your stove and microwave. These often accumulate food debris, and this can attract flies.

Along with this, avoid storing food outside of cupboards. If you have fruit out on the counter, then stop doing this. You should also stop leaving bread on the counter as well. The basic rule of thumb is that all food must be properly stored.

More ideas to keep flies out of the kitchen

In order to completely eliminate flies, you’ll have to block off the entrances into your kitchen and businesses should get a pest control contract. Start by putting screens up over your windows. Flies can only come in from outside. Most of the time they do not originate inside. This is why screens over your windows are a must. You may also want to hang a bead curtain at the kitchen entrance. This prevents flies coming in from other parts of the house.

The final step to completely getting rid of flies is placing fly deterrents. For example, there are many natural deterrents that work wonders. Peppermint oil can be placed around your kitchen without the need for fancy pest control products. Other essential oils work as well. These include lavender, citronella, and thyme.

Plants like catnip are also great for making flies go away. Placing this plant on your window ledge acts as a natural barrier. Note that if you have a cat, this might mean the cat gets up on the window sill also! Something else you can do is use spices. The best of these is cinnamon, which flies hate. You can sprinkle cinnamon where flies land, or even burn cinnamon oil or candles. Follow all of these tips, and you’ll rid yourself of flies for good.

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