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Household Damage By Silverfish And What Can Be Done

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Published: June, 2023

Silverfish are not what you’d call a “popular” pest. These insects aren’t nearly as notorious as something like rodents, cockroaches, or even ants. That being said, they’re still capable of making a nuisance of themselves. That’s because they often feed on household items. In fact,,. damage by silverfish can actually become a serious problem. Here are some of the issues these pests cause.

Damage by silverfish: what do they do?

You have to start by looking at what the common bathroom pests,  silverfish, eat. These pests feed primarily on carbohydrates and proteins. This means they are capable of living on grains, cereals, and other human foodstuffs. That’s why you often find silverfish in your pantry. If they do get into your cupboards, then you may eventually face a serious infestation.

Be that as it may, the major damage by silverfish usually has to do with books, papers, and wallpaper. They’ve also been known to eat away at photo albums. As we’ve said, these pests feed on carbohydrates and proteins. These things are often found in paper. Something else which is found in paper is starch, which is an important component of a silverfishes’ diet. This is why these bugs are famous for infesting places like libraries. These pests can often hide between the pages of books for years.

If this happens, they can cause immense damage. For example, they have been known to destroy pages in valuable books. Damage by silverfish can also become an issue if you have important papers. You may have things like insurance papers stored away, and these can be targeted by silverfish. This is why it’s always a good idea to store important papers in plastic boxes. This will protect them from damage as well as pests.

Damage by silverfish: how to deal with this

So, what can you do about damage by silverfish? First of all, you need to keep your home clean and tidy. Untidy homes are what attract these pests in the first place. Something else you should do is make routine inspections of your books and papers. Do not leave your books to gather dust on shelves for years. Take them down from time to time and see what’s going on. Also make sure to routinely inspect your papers.

Another way to get rid of silverfish is by getting rid of moisture as eco friendly pest control. These pests are highly sensitive to moisture and need it to survive so fixing dripping leaks can prevent them. They can only live in places that are humid and damp. If you have problems with moisture in your home them do something about this. You may even want to invest in a dehumidifier for your library or study. As long as the area is dry, you shouldn’t have problems with silverfish.

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