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Do Bed Bugs Infest Other Pieces Of Furniture?

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Published: June, 2023

Bed bugs are most commonly associated with beds. After all, that’s why they’re called bed bugs. But here’s the question: can bed bugs infest other pieces of furniture? Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. In fact, these pests can actually live anywhere. Below is an outline of where bed bugs are often found.

Bed bugs are in search of humans

Here’s the first thing you need to understand. Bed bugs cannot think. They have no idea what a bed is. What this means is that they do not specifically seek out beds. The only reason why these bed bugs infest beds is because of humans. These pests have highly evolved senses.

They can detect the presence of humans from a great distance and will infest unusual places to get to you. One way they do this is by picking up on the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. They also pick up on our body temperature. We spend a long time stationary in our beds. This is why they choose to live in and around beds. You can’t blame them, can you? It’s only good sense to live near to your food supply.

That being said, bed bugs infest other pieces of furniture as well. This often happens because the bed area is not an easy place to hide away or because it is inhospitable. It could also be because they just haven’t found the bed yet.

Which pieces of furniture do bed bugs infest?

These other pieces of furniture will include anything else in your bedroom. To start with, they could infest your bedside tables. These tables have many hidden away corners, nooks and crannies where bed bugs live. Next, they could be living behind your headboard. The area behind the headboard provides a terrific place for bed bugs to hide away.

Along with this, you should definitely check cupboards and chests of drawers before calling in professional pest management. One reason why bed bugs infest these areas is because they pick up on odours from our clothing. They associate these odours with humans, and this is why they make their way towards cupboards and drawers.

Another place where bed bugs love to hide is your lounge. This is also because they can detect the presence of humans there. In this room, bed bugs hide away in sofas, settees, and even TV cabinets. If bed bugs get into this room, it can be an absolute nightmare. This is because bed bugs crawl into the middle of sofas and are practically unreachable.

In this case the only real solutions are heat treatments and we offer these as emergency pest control. This is a method which uses heated air to kill pests. This air can penetrate deep into sofas (as well as beds, chairs and other pieces of furniture) and kill bugs that are hiding inside. The bottom line is that bed bugs are not particularly choosy and live wherever there are humans nearby.

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